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25.08.2005, 10:23
Snoop Dogg Launching Skate Board Company
By Nolan Strong
Date: 8/24/2005 3:30 pm

Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus, superstar rapper, is now venturing into the world of skateboarding with the launch of the Snoop Dogg Board Company (SDBC).

The company will launch with a complete line of long and short skateboards, accessories and backpacks.

SDBC is being distributed by Pentagon Distribution, the distributor for Kampus Wakeskates and shoes, Academy Snowboards and CD Wakeboard Bindings.

"Bing Worthington, Jr., Snoop Dogg's brother, came to us with a vision of bridging these two industries together because there is already so much crossover between skateboarding and the rap/hip-hop market,” said Duane Pacha, President of Pentagon Distribution.

The decks will be competitively priced and in addition to the skate accessories, SDBC will launch a complete line of high-end Snoop Dogg luggage and travel bags, which will hit stores in January 2006.

"We are excited to work with the Pentagon group,” Worthington said. “These guys are definite hustlers in this business. With our music industry connections and concerts, we know this project is going to get big. We are down with skateboarding and want to get more music fans into skateboarding," commented Worthington.

SDBC is currently looking for qualified international distributors to represent Snoop Dogg Board Co. For more information visit www.snoopdoggboardco.com.


JHO Fingg
25.08.2005, 10:27
hehe, findi irgendwie no cool:) snowboarde und skate goes sowieso geng me hiphop. d'chleider wärdä geng me "marke doppelzelt" und d'caps xe scho us wie basketbaucaps..hehe, für jede isch öpis drby:)

25.08.2005, 10:35
Original geschrieben von ill_uminate

..."We are excited to work with the Pentagon group,” Worthington said. “These guys are definite hustlers in this business...."