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the mole
30.07.2004, 20:30
hey what's up swisses,
i wanted to let you all know that i'm coming there to perform in october so WATCH OUT! also, i'm still looking for help with booking shows in switzerland and 9 other countries in europe. i'm also trying to arrange free places to sleep for me and the other 6 people who will be with me. i'm pasting the deatils of the tour below. any help that anyone could give me would be much appreciated. thank you very much.

update - july 22
the mole & friends' "ashamed to be american" european tour

latest developments: i have press packages including a one-sheet, press clippings, photos & a demo dvd. i'd rather not mail these out cause it's expensive and i'm very busy, but if anyone thinks it will help, let me know and i can send a package. i still need more contacts in every country. i really need help in england. i only have 3 shows booked at this point and i'd feel much more comfortable if i had more. if i haven't replied to one of your e-mails there's a good chance that i never got it. my e-mail has been having problems. if it gets returned, you can send mail to jonah@mociun.com - also, my phone number is 808 573 0210 (usa).

sept. 23 - arrive in england
29 - france
oct. 2 - switzerland (2nd is booked - bern)
5 - austria
8 - bulgaria
14 - finland (15th & 16th are booked)
17 - germany
20 - belgium
23 - netherlands
26 - relax
27 - return to usa

info from past updates:

don't get your heart set on the dancing girl/s. they may or MAY NOT be attending. they have committed to half of the tour, but may not be there for the full tour. it's all a matter of funding, and that's why i've decided to try to make some attempt at fund-raising. we will try to throw some fundraiser shows to raise money so that some of my companions will have an easier time committing to the tour, and i'm also accepting donations. it is our hope that we could also raise enough money so that demune (www.motionrecordings.com/Demune) can come along and join in the performance. but this will take quite a bit of dough, so i'm asking anyone who has extra, and who would like to support us all going out to europe, to please donate whatever you can. you can donate via www.paypal.com (payable to jonahmo@hotmail.com) or send a check to "jonah mociun" - 34 ai st; makawao, hi 96768; usa. also, i still need more contact info for bookers/clubs in all of the countries. thanks.

as of now, there are 6 people travelling with me, with a 7th and 8th person possible. the people are:
me (vocals, etc.)
tyconichi (electronics, etc.)
body holliday (guitar/back-up vocals, etc.)
terms none (back-up vocals, etc.)
millenia squirrel (theatrical dancer) - she has committed to 2 weeks, and will possibly attend the entire tour
ellie (theatrical dancer) - has also committed to 2 weeks, and will possibly attend the entire tour
jonathan (videographer)
matt moon (roadie)

now i'll list again, the line-up for our show (cause some of you didn't get the last update):
local act will open (i'm working on getting the opening acts - some help would be appreciated)
tyconichi, terms none, and body holliday will perform solo sets (order of sets will change depending on date)
i will play, along with terms none, body holliday, tyconichi, and 2 dancing girls (these girls will not be your typical dancing girls - they will be tasteful, creative and humorous)
(there will be 3 different sets, i.e. if we play 3 shows in the same country, each show will be siginificantly different, musically and visually.)

media links:
mole & friends live demo video: www.motionrecordings.com/livedemo.html
live photos, etc.: www.motionrecordings.com/MoleLive
my new album: www.motionrecordings.com/whirlwindpromo
terms none's new album: www.motionrecordings.com/TermsNone
body holliday: www.motionrecordings.com/cafeteriavol1.html
tyconichi: www.motionrecordings.com/tyconichi
headley grange (me & body holliday): www.motionrecordings.com/headleygrange

i'll be interested in local radio stations/shows that might give me airtime, so i can promote my show and my album, so links would be appreciated.

i'm still looking for a good deal on airfare from california to london and from amsterdam back to california (san francisco, oakland, san jose, or sacramento).

any links to internet messageboards, radio stations, based in the above-mentioned countries would be appreciated so that we can promote the shows that way. (we'll also be posting printable concert flyers for each of the shows, so that my fans can help to promote.)

i'm looking for overseas distribution of my new album, and i think that it could only help to have it stocked in european stores before i perform there. so if you know any good distributors or labels that i should talk to, please let me know.

we are all excited and plan on creating a truly awesome experience for you europeans. please get back to me, everybody. once again, thank you all for your help.


ps - the un-fun part of this: money. we'd like $300-500 per show. if that's not possible for you, tell us what is - maybe we can work something out.

04.08.2004, 16:15
i got sleeping places for the 2 dancers

12.08.2004, 16:16
das wird e huere geile obig!