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01.09.2004, 10:35
kenne der scho? hammer sach. beats wie soundproviders...au scho öppert glost?

01.09.2004, 10:42
Many of those growing up during the golden age of hiphop, knew what it was like to witness the kind of passion, energy and excitement displayed by dj's, emcees, graffiti writers, and dancers. Less have been able to sucessfully take those aforementioned elements and transform them into their own visions. One artist however, is arguably doing just that. From the California bay area, Kero One is an artist who had been rhyming, producing, writing graffiti, deejaying and collecting records since the early 90's [more]. In the summer of 2003, Kero One made his first public music release, a 12" single entitled "Check the Blueprints" which talked about many of the hiphop elements. Within only a month of its release, it had seen positive reviews and recognition from hiphop lovers. In addition, "Check The Blueprints" reached top 5 spots on radio and deejay playlists worldwide . The 12" release included instrumentals for all songs, an exclusive remix for vinyl collectors, as well as an acapella for remix deejays and producers. Several months later, Kero One was recognized by Japanese labels and promoters and invited to tour Japan in January of 2004, headlining shows with renowned deejays, emcees, and dancers whom all loved the culture of hiphop for purely the art. Though this experience was definately fullfilling for Kero One, he understood that this was only the beginning.

"One of my goals is to spread encouraging messages in my music and hold true to the vision of "promoting love". In addition, I'd like to impact listeners of as many different backgrounds and cultures as possible. So right now i'm wrestlin' with the hourglass..as theres much to do."

Aside from his first 12" single release, Kero One is currently working on his full lenth solo LP coming out in 2004 and various other projects such as production work on a full length LP for emcee Niamaj and orchestrating a live jazz band. Despite the many plans for the future, Kero will not rush any of his projects..as he claims,

"I want to take my time with music in hopes of achieving quality over quantity. I'd hope to make music I can listen to years later and be happy about the work I've done. Then and only then will I be confident that I have reached my goals."

As Kero One strives to meet his musical goals, perhaps many may once again witness that passion, energy and excitement that inspired Kero One while growing up. As he himself once claimed..."The Cycle Repeats".

für dia wo no öppis losa wend...


04.09.2004, 10:10
Original geschrieben von smooth
kenne der scho? hammer sach. beats wie soundproviders...au scho öppert glost?

Aber ja doch smooth. Glaubst du der Einzige zu sein der gute Musik hört?.....:p :D ;)

06.09.2004, 09:49
klar doch...bin auch der einzige reale hiphoper hier...:D

06.09.2004, 10:01
kannte ich noch nicht, aber ich bin auch nicht soo real wie smooth:D

06.09.2004, 10:11
wer ist das scho...:rolleyes:

06.09.2004, 21:08
:g-smile: <-- EEEERRRRR....

17.03.2006, 09:13
ha jo scho mol en thread ufgmacht über kero one..wusste ich gar nüm...jetzt esch s album duss...cha mer u.a bei humrecords zieh...

1. Windmills Intro
2. Give Thanks feat. Niamaj
3. Musical Journey
4. My Story
5. In A Dream
6. Ain't That Somethin?
7. Tempted
8. In All The Wrong Places
9. Keep It Alive!
10. The Cycle Repeats
11. Fly Fly Away
12. It's A New Day
13. Check The Blueprintshttp://www.humrecords.ch/script_thumbnail.php?imgFile=cms%2Farticle_pictures%2Fkeroonewindmills.jpg&sizex=120&sizey=120

19.03.2006, 21:17
seine lp wurde von vielen kolumnisten wegen rap-technischen schwächen ziemlich schlecht bewertet. sein können/talent als produzent scheint jedoch unbestritten... wirklich wahrgenommen hat man ihn leider trotzdem nicht.
underrated *****

19.03.2006, 21:49
uiii nei, wie geil isch dänn de sound! ööööh, das flasht mi jetzt aber grad anderscht! :D ...muss mr grad das album go hole! giz überall oder?