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02.02.2005, 07:51
The Green flame!

By Stefan@MyTree.Biz // Dedicated to Sonja I.

Yesterday in the bar number one!
I can tell you I had a lot of fun!
The barmaid was kind of naïve
Actually it was rather a story of grief

We spoke about the colour of my lighters flame
She didn’t like this amusing game
Because she gets upset when she doesn’t recognize something
She was already upset because of the YANG and the YING

She gets upset when I want to write some poetry
It’s quite often that she shows her middle finger to me
I kind of wanted to be kind with her
But this seamed to increase her mental blur

I wrote an explanation of the green flame on the mat
And believe me this idea was really pretty bad
She didn’t want to hear any theory of any green flame
She took her lighter, lit the mat, end of the game!

This girl pretends to be fairly insane
She is hiding behind her black cloths and piercing
With this poem I do not want to blame
It is just about me, her and the green flame…

© 2005 by www.MyTree.Biz